Sports, Arts & Leisure

The role of the sports and leisure “group” will be to consider the current patterns of provision and known deficiencies in terms of quantity and quality of provisions; and consider the need to identify and allocate sites for future provision.

To view the Sports, Arts & Leisure Technical Report, please click here

Culture Centre Workshop

The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan has been looking at the provision of Sports Arts and Leisure in Morpeth and surrounding parishes and the ‘Issues and Options’ consultation held last year asked the question ‘Should there be some form of theatre/arts centre for Morpeth and surrounding areas?’ to which 78% of respondents said ‘Yes’.

In addition there was a question in the Heritage section about whether there ‘should there be a Social Heritage Museum and/or other means of preserving and promoting our local history?’ to which there was a 65.4% positive response.

In light of these responses the ‘Plan Preparation Group’ asked for some further work to be done.

To view the results of the workshop on a proposed Cultural Centre in Morpeth, please click here