Neighbourhood Plan Town Signs


The whole philosophy behind the creation of a local neighbourhood plan is the involvement of the local community: throughout the Plan process, we have not only kept people informed about the process and encouraged participation in the consultations, but have actively sought out volunteers to be involved in researching and preparing the Plan.

Over 400 individuals signed up to be kept directly informed about the progress and development of the Plan.  And over a hundred members of the public played an active role in the various topic groups, the Developer Engagement group, the Plan Preparation group and other working groups over the three years (so far) that the Plan process has taken.

Around 250 people attended the launch events in October 2012 and contributed to the initial scoping of the Plan.  The Issues and Options consultation on October 2013 generated just under 860 public responses while the draft Plan consultation in January – March 2015 received nearly 600 public replies and two dozen detailed responses from statutory consultees, developers and individuals with particular interests.  In turn, on analysis, these generated over 1400 topic-specific comments.
We have had a good response from organisations too with some 26 regional and national organisations, 34 local organisations and at least 17 developers being involved in the Plan process to date.
Please click on the links below to view the written representations made to the Pre Submission Draft Plan Consultation:
Now that the plan has been submitted,  we would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time, energy and creativity to the process.  We adopted the strapline “your community, your future, your plan” and we hope that you genuinely feel that this is your Plan, reflecting community aspirations for Morpeth and the surrounding villages.
From submission, the Plan will go forward for another formal period of consultation, and an independent Examination.  And finally, if approved by the Examiner it will be subject to a referendum before adoption.  We hope that you will vote in favour of adopting the Plan if and when it comes to referendum.
If you have any questions about the Plan or the Plan process, please contact Dee Cota at in the first instance.