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In this section of the website you should be able to find all of the relevant information you require relating to the production of our neighbourhood plan.

Submission Documents

MNP – Submission Plan for Independent Examination
MNP – Proposals Map
MNP – Proposals Map
MNP – Basic Conditions Statement
MNP – Consultation Statement

Governance Arrangement

MNP – Governance Arrangements
MNP – Community Engagement Strategy
MNP – Scoping Report
MNP – Steering Group Terms of Reference

Neighbourhood Area Designation

Local Planning Authority decision notice on area designation
Application to designate a neighbourhood area for Morpeth & surrounding parishes
Application to DCLG for Neighbourhood Plan Front Runner Status

Plan Consultation

MNP – Consultation Draft Plan
MNP – Issues and Options Consultation Main Report
MNP – Consultation Draft Plan Summary Leaflet
MNP – CABE Visioning Workshop February 2013
MNP – CABE Visioning Workshop 4th March 2013
MNP – CABE Visioning Workshop 11th March 2013
MNP – Locality Profile July 13



Morpeth Town Council County Hall Study March 2015
Morpeth Town Benchmarking Preliminary Report 2014 (Town Team)
MNP – CABE Town Centre Workshop January 2014
Morpeth Town Benchmarking Preliminary Report 2013 (AMT)
MNP -Economy Technical Report June 2013
MNP – Economy Technical Report Update June 2014
Northumberland County Council Employment Land Review 2011
Destination Planning for Morpeth 2009 (Northumberland Tourism & GMDT)


MNP – Education Technical Report June 2013


MNP – Local Green Space Assessment Grid
MNP – Environment Technical Report June 13
NCC Green Belt Settlement Assessments December 2014
NWT Guidelines on Local Site Designation Sept 2011
NCC Landscape Study – Morpeth Green Belt Sept 2010


MNP – Heritage Technical Report June 2013


MNP – Housing Site Allocation and Assessment April 2015
MNP – Housing Technical Report May 2013
MNP – Housing Sites Assessment Dec 14


MNP – Pegswood 2nd Technical Report June 2013
MNP – Pegswood 1st Technical Report March 2015

Sports, Arts & Leisure

MNP – Culture Centre Workshop Notes April 2014
MNP – Sports, Arts and Leisure Technical Report July 2013


NCC Managing Morpeth’s Transport – Assessment of Telford Bridge Junction Options Sept 2013
MNP – Transport Technical Report June 2013
MNP – SENRUG Issues Jan 15