About Us

Morpeth Town Council was selected as a neighbourhood planning front runner by the Government to lead on the creation of a neighbourhood plan, supported by the local planning authority – Northumberland County Council. The adjoining communities of Pegswood, Mitford, Hebron and Hepscott were invited to be included in the plan as they have a strong functional relationship with Morpeth in terms of local services, education and employment.

The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

A Steering Group has been formed to help lead on the day to day management of The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Group aims to work with the community to develop the plan from start to finish through the various stages which will take approximately 12 – 18 months.

As well as managing the production of the Neighbourhood Plan, a key part of the Steering Group’s responsibility is to ensure that the greatest possible consultation takes place with the community, so that the final plan is genuinely shaped by local residents and represents their views. It is doing this by arranging community events, consultations and surveys and, of course, through this website.

The Steering Group will also need to iron out any conflict between different views, and to make sure that our plan is realistic and robust.

To ensure good practice and transparency, Terms of Reference has been written (see Evidence page) which the Steering Group must adhere to throughout the process.

The notes of the steering group meetings can be viewed here.

Members of the Steering Group

  • Name: Joan Tebbutt
    Position: Chair
    Representing: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: Nic Best
    Position: Vice Chair
    Representing: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: Alison Byard       Representing: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: Bob Robertson
    Representing: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: David Parker
    Representing: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: David Woodard
    Representing: Pegswood Parish Council
  • Name: Mike Sharpe
    Representing: Mitford Parish Council
  • Name: David Watson
    Representing: Hebron Parish Council
  • Name: Philip Ashmore
    Representing: Hepscott Parish Council
  • Name: David Lodge
    Representing: Greater Morpeth Development Trust
  • Name: Colin Pearson
    Representing: Education Topic Group
  • Name: Cllr David Cowans
    Representing: Heritage Topic Group
  • Name: Peter Fuller
    Representing: Transport Topic Group
  • Name: Graeme Trotter
    Representing: Sports & Leisure Topic Group

The Steering Group Officer Support

  • Name: Dee Cota
    Position: Office Manager
    From: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: Gillian Turner
    Position: Clerk to Council
    From: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: Angela Logan
    Position: Deputy Clerk
    From: Morpeth Town Council
  • Name: David Rowlinson
    Position: Planning Officer Support
    From:Northumberland County Council
  • Name: David English
    Position: Planning Officer Support
    From: Northumberland County Council

The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan Topic Groups

The role and purpose of topic groups is

  • To research their area of interest
  • To scope out the evidence that is available
  • To identify any gaps in the evidence base and consider whether any further research needs to be
    undertaken or commissioned
  • To identify key players to engage in the plan making process
  • To highlight any existing issues within this area of interest
  • To understand the role of existing plans, strategies and programmes and their relationship to
    the neighbourhood planning process

Members of the Topic Groups

Name: David Parker
Position: Chair – Housing Group
From: Morpeth Town Council

Name: David Lodge
Position: Chair – Local Economy Group
From: Greater Morpeth Development Trust

Name: David Cowans
Position: Chair – Heritage Group
From: Hepscott Parish Council

Name: Dr. Nic Best
Position: Chair – Local Environment
From: Morpeth Town Council

Name: Colin Pearson
Position: Chair – Education

Name: Peter Fuller
Position: Chair – Transport

Name: Graeme Trotter
Position: Chair – Sports & Leisure