Welcome to “The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan” Website.

This plan is our community’s opportunity to shape and guide development that will take place in our area and make sure that it is appropriate to our needs and aspirations. We can have a real say in where it goes and how it looks!

January 2015 Consultation 

The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan is our plan for land use in our area – Morpeth and the parishes of Hebron, Hepscott, Mitford and Pegswood.  It is being prepared by volunteers and local residents, not planners, in line with your wishes expressed through the Issues and Options Consultations carried out in October 2013.

The formal notice of consultation on the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-submission Consultation Draft Plan ends on Friday 20th March 2015.  

If you have any queries, please contact dee.cota@morpeth-tc.gov.uk

To view the draft plan, summary leaflet and individual maps please use the links below.

Draft Plan (25.8Mb)
Summary Leaflet
The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan Area
Conceptual Sketch of Setting of Morpeth
Morpeth Settlement Boundary Map
Hebron Settlement Boundary Map
Hepscott Settlement Boundary Map
Mitford Settlement Boundary Map 
Local Green Spaces
Landscape Corridors, Wildlife Corridors & Local Wildlife Sites
Sketch of Potential Town Centre Development
Sketch of Potential Town Centre Development (2)
Sketch of Potential Town Centre Development (3)
Morpeth Town Centre Composite Map
Morpeth Employment Sites
Location of New Housing in Morpeth
Strategic Road Developments
Pegswood Composite Map
SEA & Basic Conditions Sustainability Review Scoping Report
Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report
Habitats Regulations Assessment Update

Planning Policies and Community Actions

Within these documents, land use policies are identified as Planning Policies (eg PPHou1). When the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan is adopted these will be statutory planning policies and used by planners alongside national and county-wide planning policy to determine development proposals in the plan area. These are the only parts of the Plan that planners will be concerned with.

Over and above the planning policies the Plan also includes wider Community Actions (eg CAHou2) which do not relate to the use and development of land.

These community actions will not be recognised by the planning process, but they will identify what the town and parish councils and other appropriate bodies need to do to help meet the plan objectives and realise the vision of the plan.

Supporting Images and Documents

Please click on the links below to view all supporting images and documents.

Open Spaces in Hepscott 
Open Spaces in Mitford
Open Spaces in Pegswood 
SEA Final Scoping Report