Welcome to “The Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan” Website.

This plan is our community’s opportunity to shape and guide development that will take place in our area and make sure that it is appropriate to our needs and aspirations. We can have a real say in where it goes and how it looks!

What is a neighbourhood plan?

The introduction of neighbourhood planning is part of wider challenges to the planning system in the Localism Act 2011. The Act claims to shift decision making from central government to communities and councils. Neighbourhood planning helps town and parish councils to prepare a plan for their area, in close consultation with residents, businesses and other local organisations. Neighbourhood Plans are for the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of everyone in the community.

Like many historic market towns, Morpeth’s heritage interest and local environment setting are its defining assets, and local residents are proud and protective of those features that give the town its sense of place and sense of identity.


Formal consultation on the draft Plan concluded in March 2015 with around 600 responses received plus about two dozen detailed submissions from statutory consultees, developers and residents with particular interests.  These broke down to 1400 individual topic-based comments.

The consultation responses have been used to revise the Plan.  Click here for a summary of the changes made.

The Submission draft Plan and Proposals Map, together with a draft Basic Conditions Statement outlining how the Plan meets regulatory requirements, and a Consultation Report have been assessed through a preSubmission healthcheck.

The finalised Neighbourhood Plan, informed by feedback from the healthcheck, together with the supporting documents was submitted to Northumberland County Council (the local planning authority) on 2nd June 2015.  They will validate the submission documents and pass them on to the independent consultation organised by the County Council and an independent Examination.  And then, if approved by the Examiner, the Plan will go to the public vote in a local referendum.  If all goes well, we hope that the Plan will be adopted by the end of 2015.

The finalised Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be viewed using the links below:

MNP Submission Plan – May 2015
MNP Proposals Map p1
MNP Proposals Map p2
MNP Basic Conditions Statement
MNP Consultation Report
Written representations to Pre Submission Draft Plan – Part 1
Written representations to Pre Submssion Draft Plan – Plan 2
MNP Health Check Final Report – 30th April 2015